The ultimate Halloween 2014 Horror soundtrack CD!

Dont miss out this Halloween – get the ultimate in halloween dark electronic soundtrack music for your event or party – Spine Chillers – from

Review from Icons of fright:

Spine Chillers” is a breath of fresh air for horror fans’ ear buds.  Filled to the brim with haunting (no pun intended) and atmospheric music that just screams to be used in an effective genre film, “Spine Chillers” is one hell of a gothic and downright creepy album that anybody looking for something new and exciting should seek immediately.

it’s next to impossible to NOT feel yourself get goosebumps and look to your left and right to make sure a dark figure isn’t standing there. The entire album has that effect, something that is lacking in a lot of today’s modern soundtrack/theme music.

If you’re looking for something to write to, or an album to scare the living shit out of neighbors walking up looking for candy, “Spine Chillers” is not only THAT album, but it’s an impressive album that I could hear being a part of a film in my mind.

Don’t miss out this halloween – check out ‘Spine Chillers’ from Sam Haynes….

Spine Chillers CD

Spine Chillers CD cover

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I love Sam Haynes. Release after release Sam Haynes is putting out some of the best Halloween soundtracks today. His latest release Spine Chillers is no exception as it’s a genuinely masterpiece in my opinion. From the opening track “Death Comes Ripping In” you are taking a Halloween journey. It’s the soundtrack that would be playing if you were throwing a Halloween party in that house on the end of the street that all the kids are too afraid to go up and ring the doorbell to even when they are dared.
Tracks like “Halloween Twlight”feels like a cool autumn night and gives you that frightfully exciting chill down the back of your neck, “Sinister Lullaby” makes you give a second glance to the antique doll your grandmother gave you as a child to make sure it didn’t just wink at you, and “Spine Chillers” does little to reassure you there’s nothing under your bed. Sometimes simplistic in composition, sometimes a bit more complex, but nothing that feels second rate or out of place. It’s hard to find a better soundtrack to your haunted attraction, home haunt, yard display, or just to put on and enjoy the season with. I put Sam Haynes releases up there high on the list with such greats as Midnight Syndicate and Shadow’s Symphony.

The passion behind Sam Haynes work is on full display on Spine Chillers and is highly recommended. Pick up a copy on his Bandcamp page below or check out the Amazon link. You won’t be disappointed in the least. I also hear Sam Haynes music can also be used to summon The Great Pumpkin.

Rating : 5 Out Of 5



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