The Hopping Dead – A short film about Chinese hopping vampires

Don’t move. Don’t scream. Don’t even breathe. The Hopping Dead.

Please take 3 minutes and check out my horror/comedy short film about Chinese hopping vampires called The Hopping Dead.

Written and directed by Jimmy Lui.

This short was produced for Justin Lin’s Interpretations 2.0 competition for YOMYOMF. The rules were the final film must be under 3 minutes long and must use these 4 lines of dialogue in this order with no additional dialogue or line substitutions. Other than that, you can do whatever story you want. The 4 lines of dialogue for the competition are:

“Don’t do that.”
“Of course.”
“I have my doubts.”
“What is it?”

Two thieves break into a Chinese business only to stumble upon the terror that is the Chinese jiang shi, a corpse reanimated as a vampire by Chinese black magic that, because of rigor mortis, chases after its victims by hopping.


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