Just in Time for Halloween…”Magic Secrets Revealed” YouTube Launches Halloween Scare-fest!


Nash Entertainment’s new YouTube channel, Magic Secrets Revealed, will expose the closely guarded secrets behind the “The World’s Scariest Tricks,” it was announced today. Perfectly timed for Halloween, the digital channel will feature a variety of frightening illusions made famous by The Masked Magician – and then reveal how these death-defying tricks were pulled off.

Nash’s renegade Masked Magician achieved overnight fame with the broadcast of the FOX TV special “Magic’s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed.” The controversial one-hour show posted record numbers when more than 24 million people tuned in, making it the most-watched special in the network’s history. The series has evolved into an iconic brand which Nash is now offering to a new generation of viewers with its Magic Secrets Revealed YouTube channel.

“MAGIC SECRETS REVEALED” Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/c/magicsecretsrevealed

As Halloween approaches, the Magic Secrets Revealed YouTube channel will reveal The Masked Magician’s most controversial hidden secrets behind his most spine-chilling illusions, including:

  • “The Ring of Terror”!
  • Sawing a woman in half!
  • Catching a bullet with your teeth – and not getting shot!
  • “The Spike Torture”!
  • Being chopped into bits – and surviving!
  • “The Chains of Death Escape”!
  • Being buried alive – and living to tell about it!

The channel’s special “Halloween Horrors” Preview can be viewed here. Click on the link – if you dare! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bFP3D-SIpZs

Nash Entertainment is known around the world as one of the preeminent producers of a wide variety of television programming. The company also has numerous feature film projects in development and is based in Hollywood, California.

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