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Documentary planned on Halloween producer, Debra Hill

March 7, 2015 marked the 10th anniversary of filmmaker Debra Hill’s death. To commemorate the anniversary and raise awareness of the Haddonfield native’s career, production company DPYX is planning a documentary tentatively titled “The Debra Hill Documentary.”

The Nightmare Before Christmas project for Lego Ideas

Hello to everyone.I would like to introduce you all my project for Lego Ideas,from The Nightmare Before Christmas,the “Jack’s House” .If you like it,please take a minute to support this project,because,if it will get 10.000 supporters,Lego could make it a real Lego set.Click on”Support”at this link and follow the instructions.Feel free to share it,get 10k supporters […]

The ultimate Halloween 2014 Horror soundtrack CD!

Dont miss out this Halloween – get the ultimate in halloween dark electronic soundtrack music for your event or party – Spine Chillers – from Review from Icons of fright: “Spine Chillers” is a breath of fresh air for horror fans’ ear buds.  Filled to the brim with haunting (no pun intended) and […]

Horror themed clothing company

I have a horror themed clothing company that is about to go through a rebranding. As a result, all of my current inventory has taken a discounted price in hopes that I can move some of it and use that money to hire new artists to help with the rebranding. Stop by the webstore and check […]